White Sauce
Recipe type: sauce
  • Basic White Sauce
  • Cheeses and/or herbs
  1. The concept of a white sauce for pizza (as opposed to a white pizza) starts with a basic white (b├ęchamel) sauce. That sauce can be taken to several taste levels by adding other ingredients, such as cheeses and herbs.
  2. The secret to working with a white sauce is to use a light hand. A white sauce is literally painted on the pizza crust. You would use about half the amount of white sauce as you would a tomato sauce. For example, if you're using 8 ounces of tomato sauce for a 14-inch pizza, you would use 4-5 ounces of white sauce. The key to doing it right is to get the proper balance between the sauce and the other toppings.
Recipe by Pizza Today at https://pizzatoday.com/recipes/sauces/white-sauce