The Martella
Recipe type: desserts
Courtesy of Mike Shepherd 600 Downtown, Bellefontaine, OH
  • 13 ounce dough ball
  • 5 ounces mascarpone cheese
  • Nutella
  • Pistachios (salted)
  • Hershey Chocolate Bar
  1. Before starting to make this item you will need to do some advance preparation.
  2. Start by scooping out the Nutella and putting into a pastry bag.
  3. Then, shell a handful of salted pistachios and smash into very fine small pieces that can be sprinkled.
  4. Lastly, shave a Hershey’s chocolate bar using a cheese grater or a potato peeler.
  5. Hand toss a 13-ounce dough ball out to fit a 12-inch pizza screen.
  6. Spread the mascarpone cheese evenly across the dough using a spatula, leaving a ½-inch edge around the dough.
  7. Using the pastry bag of Nutella that you prepared earlier, create a nice cross hatch pattern of Nutella across the top of the mascarpone cheese.
  8. Bake until golden brown and cut into 8 slices.
  9. Immediately sprinkle the shaved chocolate and pistachios across the top to your liking.
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